Winter Fun in Wisconsin


Just because winter has come doesn’t mean that you have to pack it in. In fact, you don’t even have to slow your roll if you’re in Wisconsin. When winter hits Wisconsin, the fun is just beginning. While there are all sorts of fun activities to enjoy in Wisconsin during the winter, perhaps two of the best are skiing and ice fishing.


If you want to go skiing, pack up the RV and head out to some of the best places for skiing in Wisconsin.

Alpine Valley Resort

Alpine Valley is located in White Lake and it features 90 skiable acres. This ski area features 14 lifts; and its longest run is 3,000 feet. The vertical is 388 feet. Night skiing is available seven days. The terrain mix is 40-40-20. Rentals and lessons are also available.

Bruce Mound

Bruce Mound is located in Black River Falls and it features 40 skiable acres, a 375-foot vertical, three lifts and a 29-29-42 terrain mix. The longest run is 3,000 feet. Night skiing is available on Fridays. Rentals and lessons are available.

Cascade Mountain

This ski area is located in Portage. The summit is 1,280 feet and the base is 820 feet. Cascade Mountain features 10 lifts, a terrain mix of 37-19-44 and its longest run is 1,800 feet. Night skiing is available seven days.

Christie Mountain

Christie Mountain is located in Bruce and features 20 skiable acres with a 350-foot vertical. The summit is 1,650 feet and the base elevation is 1,300 feet. Christie Mountain features five lifts and a 40-25-35 terrain mix. The longest run is 4,000 feet and night skiing is available from Wednesday through Saturday. Rentals and lessons are also available.

Ice Fishing

If you don’t have a fish house or ice house yet, it’s time to stop by our showroom to check a couple floor plans out so you can fish comfortably. Once you do that, you have to find a great spot to fish and, if you’ve never ice fished before, learn that skill.

Places to Ice Fish

The Madison Chain, located in Dane County, features 9,800 acres of ice to fish on. You’ll get perch, bluegill, northern pike and more. Lake Koshkonong, located in Jefferson County, features 10,400 acres of fishing for walleye. Lakes Delavan and Geneva are great for walleye, bluegill and crappie. Pioneer Lake, located north of Eagle River, is good for panfish and pike. Thunder Lake, just south of Eagle River is great for crappie and northern pike.

Ice Fishing Tips

Rig a flasher with a downward-pointing transducer to find the fish in the winter. LCD displays are not reliable during cold weather. Drill several holes in an area the size of a football field and check them with the fish finder. If you don’t see any fish, move to another part of the lake and repeat. Once you find the fish, drill several holes in an area about the size of a tennis court for jigging. Jig until you find fish that are biting.

Look for sticky bottoms – these are parts of the lake that aren’t too hard or too soft, thus allowing insects to burrow. They attract hungry fish and are found in lake areas from about 15 to 30 feet deep. You may have to drill a lot of holes to find fish, but you’ll also find the biggest fish in the lake. Find sticky bottoms by clipping a weight to the jig and letting drop to the bottom. It should not bounce or dig in too deep. It should just cling to the bottom temporarily. You can also use a sonar unit or underwater cameras to find sticky bottoms.

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Holiday Decorating for Your RV

Christmas background with decorations on wooden board

If you are spending Christmas in your RV, you may want to decorate it, even if you are staying in the boonies with no one around. Decorating the RV inside and out always makes it look more homey during the holidays and it definitely gets you into the holiday spirit.

Before you head out for the Christmas trip, be sure your RV is in good working order, especially if you will be camping in a cold climate and not heading south. Stop by Indiana RV Connection to have all of your RV’s systems checked, including the heat, plumbing, electrical and the engine and transmission on motorized RVs.


Hang lights from the awning. If you camping near a fir or pine tree, add lights to the tree. And, if you are not putting a tree inside, hang lights over the door or in other areas where they won’t be distracting to the television.

Christmas Tree

There’s no doubt that you won’t be able to fit a 6-foot tree in the RV – they just take up too much space. However, you can still have a Christmas tree. Buy a potted spruce to set in a corner or on a side tables. You’ll be able to decorate it just like a full-sized tree. If you can find one that is about 2-3 feet high, you should be able to find space for it; and then, after the holidays, you’ll be able to plant it in your yard.


Bring the Christmas cards you get before you leave with you. Hang them on the fireplace mantle or tape them on the molding around one of the doors. They’ll add more Christmas spirit to the RV.

Garland and Boughs

Line the top of the fireplace mantle or a side table with fresh fir boughs. Decorate them with small ornaments. Line the top of the fireplace with garland and hang the stockings from the mantle. You’ll have that fresh pine smell inside, plus the RV’s living area will look festive.

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DIY Storage Projects

Food ingredients in glass jars, on white background

Most people would agree that the interior of many campers is on the small side and do not always have a lot of space. If your camper or motorhome holds this unfortunate truth, try some of these great DIY storage and organization techniques.

While you’re on the go, store grains and pasta in air-tight containers and put them inside your microwave or oven. This will also keep pests out of your food while utilizing otherwise unused space.

If you have the space on your kitchen wall, use magnetic strips to keep knives and other metal kitchen tools out of drawers. This will free up space for other kitchen items as well as keep them in a handy and easy-to-find place when you need them.

Recycling is a great way to help the environment. Instead of tossing out those mayo or jelly jars, you can reuse them for storing rice, flour or sugar. Be sure to label them with the contents and expiration dates though!

While we are on the topic of recycling, you can use old pill bottles to store loose change or spare keys. Remember to remove any labels.

You can create dividers in your cabinets with tension rods. Place them vertically in the desired place and voila! Free up shelf space in an instant.

You can also utilize space on your cabinet doors by adhering sections of PVC pipe on the inside of the doors. Just find what size you need and stick them up. You can store curling irons or even corded items in these handy devices.

There is always a need for extra linen on a trip. You never know when you might need it. To free up space, store the folded sheet sets inside of the matching pillow case.

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Classic Road Trip Games the Whole Family Can Play!

Beautiful Highway

Aside from snacks and plenty of fuel, games are one of the most essential parts of a family RV road trip. And there are plenty of games that have been around long before hand-held DVD players and video games came into play. Try these classic family road trip games to get back to the basics of family RV travel.

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is one of the most classic games of all. You can purchase road trip bingo boards at a toy store (or dust off your old ones from the attic), or you can find free bingo boards online and print them out at home. Laminate the printed boards, buy some dry erase markers, and you’ll have endless hours of family bingo fun.

The License Plate Game

The license plate game is one of the best road trip games, because all it requires is a pad of paper and a pencil. Keep track of all of the different states’ license plates you see along your route until you find all 50.

Name That Tune

There’s no denying that road trips are as good as the music that fuels them. All you need to play the “Name That Tune” game is a working radio inside your vehicle. Press the “seek” button, then see who can name the song on the radio station the fastest. This game is primarily for teenagers and adults who have a bit of knowledge about popular music.

20 Questions

Twenty questions has been a way to occupy drivers and their passengers for decades. Have one of your fellow travelers think of an item, and let every passenger in the car ask “yes” or “no” questions until someone guesses what the item is. Let the correct guesser choose the next item and start the game over again.

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Decorating Your RV For Halloween

If decorating your home for Halloween is one of your favorite parts of the holiday, you don’t have to miss out because you’re traveling in your RV. In fact, decorating your RV can be as easy and fun as decorating your home. Follow this simple guide to decorate your RV without buying costly decorations or toting around bulky supplies while you travel.

Shop Locally

Shopping at local farmers’ markets is one of the best ways to explore your destination and give back to the community you’re visiting. Farmers’ markets are also some of the best places to find locally-grown Halloween decorations, like gourds, pumpkins, decorative corn stalks and bales of hay.

Take your little campers to the market with you, so they can have a hand in choosing the decorations and picking the perfect pumpkin to carve.

Make Your Own

You don’t need expensive craft supplies to make spooky Halloween decorations. Stock up on construction paper, scissors, glue and tape at a local craft store and let your little ones go to town making creepy bats, spiders, ghosts and other festive items to hang throughout your RV. Decorate the exterior of your RV and your campsite by hanging their hand-crafted decorations from your awning and trees — just be sure to clean up all of your decorations before you leave the campground.

Shop Second-Hand

Purchasing brand-new decorations can be expensive and impractical when traveling in the compact space of an RV. Feel less guilty about your purchases by shopping at a local Goodwill, Salvation Army or non-profit thrift store. These stores are usually loaded with Halloween costumes and decorations in the fall months. Additionally, shopping at local non-profit shops helps create jobs in the community you’re visiting.

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Keeping Your Food Fresh for the Long Haul

Trying to keep perishables lasting longer in your RV when you’re on a long trip?

This is especially handy when you’re trying to push through to your destination and don’t want to get snagged up with grocery shopping in a town you’re passing through.

Rule 1 is buying only what you’ll be able to plan to use in the immediate future. This reduces potential waste. When you buy for too far in advance, unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from getting through all of your fresh food before it goes rotten.

With that said, you can also try storing your fruits and vegetables separately. Fruits give off large amounts of ethylene gas, which vegetables are sensitive to. Make sure that you keep them apart if you want your vegetables to last a bit longer.

Also, use your fridge strategically. Not everything has to be put in there. In fact, some items do better out of the fridge. Find a cool, dark place in your RV to store things such as potatoes, onions, garlic, and squash. Tomatoes are also in this category. Tomatoes will last even longer if you store them at room temperature upside down away from heat.

To help your meats last longer, make sure that they’re stored in airtight containers and frozen. Only thaw what you plan to use the day of or the next day.

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Come by Jack Link RV Centers for RV sales, service, parts, and accessories. Ask to see models that have extra nice galleys, which are the best way to keep your food items fresh when you’re on the road.

Portable Gardening Tips for Your RV Lifestyle


There’s no better way to ensure your produce is fresh than to grow it yourself. But the thought of growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your RV may seem impossible, huh?

It shouldn’t be, though. These simply tips for gardening on the go will help you continue your hobby and healthy lifestyle when you’re on the road.

Grow Tomatoes on the Road

You don’t have to give up your annual tomato crop just because you’re living an RV lifestyle. Special gardening tools, like the Topsy Turvy Planter, help you grow your favorite crops in tight spaces. The Topsy Turvy Planter allows your plants to grow upside down while they hang in any compact space. Simply move your Topsy Turvy Planter outside when you arrive at the campsite, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a mobile garden.

Get Creative with Potters

You don’t have to spend a fortune on nifty gardening gadgets to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables on the go. Many RV enthusiasts already use shoe organizers as a way to keep products in order in their RVs. Those same shoe organizers work perfectly as hanging pots. Each small pocket serves as a pot for your favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables. Hang the organizer inside your RV when you hit the road, then move it back outside when you arrive at your destination.

Consider an Earth Box

The Earth Box is a new product to hit the market for gardeners who live in small spaces. It’s a little less mobile than hanging planters, but at just 2.5-feet long and 15-inches wide, it doesn’t take up much space in your RV when you’re traveling. The Earth Box is a simply growing system with the layering of a fertilizer band, potting mix, aeration screen and self-watering system to optimize your plant growth in small spaces. Move it outside of your RV when you park, and you’ll enjoy fresh produce on the go.

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September Events in Wisconsin


After you pick up a new RV from Jack Link’s Auto and RV Supercenter, you’ll be ready to head out to some of the local events in Chippewa Falls. Check out everything that Wisconsin has to offer in September.

Wheels on Water Street Car & Cycle Cruise

September 9 in New London

If you have a classic vehicle, or one you are particularly proud of, this rain or shine event is open to all makes and models. Come and show off your hot rod or classic refurbished vehicle. Vehicles will line up starting at 4pm in a staging area, with viewing of vehicles from 5-9 pm. A cruise starts at 9pm; vehicles will cruise the loop on N. Water St. and Wolf River Ave., and then disperse.

If you are a spectator, you can enjoy seeing some great old classics, participate in raffles, guess at trivia to win prizes and enjoy musical entertainment by a DJ at each end of North Water St. Food and beverage available for purchase.

Falcon Frontier Days Rodeo

September 9-10 in River Falls

Experience the biggest and best college rodeo in the upper Midwest! The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) invites you to an amazing Wild West adventure at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Approximately 350 cowboys and cowgirls compete in stock events including bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, and more!

Volksfest German Ethnic Festival

September 9-10 in Waupun

Come celebrate German culture and heritage at this free event. With live music, food and drink, Volkswalk sculpture tour, and more, this is entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

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How to Choose the Right RV


Choosing the right RV for your needs can be difficult if you’ve never owned an RV before and you don’t know exactly what you want. There are so many different choices to choose from between brands, floor plans and sizes. Furthermore, you need to decide whether a truck camper, fifth wheel, towable or motor home best fits your needs.


If you have a truck that will tow or are planning on purchasing a truck that will tow, your options open up a little more. If you don’t have a heavy duty truck, you can choose a fold down, a truck camper or a motor home.

For towables, you are limited to how much your truck can tow. Don’t forget, if you want to put the fifth wheel adapter in, you have to figure the weight of the adapter in the payload.

When choosing a towable RV, don’t use the net weight to determine whether your truck can pull the RV; you need to figure the weight with the RV loaded and the tanks full. The RVs tanks vary depending on the size of the RV. You need to know how much the fresh water tank holds; and how much the gray and black water tanks hold.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of RV you want to purchase, you then need to consider your needs.

Floor Plans

There are any number of floor plans to choose from. How many people will be going with you? Do you plan on using the RV for hunting trips with friends? How big is your family? If you have four in your family, you could choose an RV that sleeps four, but it might be a tad crowded, especially if you bring pets along. You might want to pick an RV that sleeps six. If you plan on going on hunting and fishing trips with your friends, how many friends will be going with you? If this is something you plan on doing often, you may want to choose an RV that sleeps more people.

Do you have “toys” that you’d like to bring on trips with you, such as snowmobiles, ATVs or motorcycles? You may want to consider a toy hauler or a motor home. You can haul a trailer with toys behind the motor home, but if you prefer a towable RV, you’ll need to get a toy hauler if you want to bring your toys with you.

Once you decide what you will need for your family — and friends, if you are planning on going on trips with friends — come to Links RVs in Rice Lake to look at our inventory. We have something for everyone; it’s just a matter of choosing what fits you the best.

Do I Really Need to Plan an Extended Trip?


After visiting Link RV Center to purchase a new RV or to service your RV, you are ready to take a trip. Whether you have a fifth wheel, a travel trailer, motor home or toy hauler, you can go on short trips for the weekend or long trips that take as long as you want to camp. Part of taking a trip is planning it — or not planning it, as the case may be.

Planning vs. Not Planning

Depending on the time you have to take a trip, you may or may not want to plan the trip. For short trips or longer trips where time is limited, you want to be able to see as much as possible. But, if you’re retired or work from home and time doesn’t matter, planning isn’t as important unless you are not going to go back to a certain location or attraction. Planning also allows you to make reservations. If you don’t plan ahead, you might pull into a campground only to find it full.

How to Plan a Trip

Before you start planning, determine the days you are going to be on a trip. Use any one of the map programs online or your GPS to determine how long it will take to get to the first place you want to visit. Call ahead to make reservations for the number of nights you will be spending at that location.

Determine how long it will take you to get to the next place on your list, then call ahead and make those reservations. You can make as many reservations ahead of time as you want. This is usually the best thing to do if you are going to a popular place or going to a location with a national event, such as Bike Week or a large air show. Otherwise, you can make the reservations for later in the trip after you leave, as long as you are calling a couple weeks ahead of time.


Be sure to pack for the weather. If you are traveling in the summer, you need mostly summer clothing, but you may want to bring some casual dress clothing if you plan on going out during your trip. You can also pack enough food the night before the trip if your refrigerator runs while you are driving the RV. If not, or if you have a travel trailer, pack a cooler with enough food for a couple of days so you won’t have to go shopping immediately. You can also pack some food in the freezer — if the freezer is off — and keep it cold with gel-pacs.

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Plan to visit Link RV Center before you head out, regardless of how meticulous you’ve planned for the rest. We can help get your trip off to a good start.