Winter Fun in Wisconsin


Just because winter has come doesn’t mean that you have to pack it in. In fact, you don’t even have to slow your roll if you’re in Wisconsin. When winter hits Wisconsin, the fun is just beginning. While there are all sorts of fun activities to enjoy in Wisconsin during the winter, perhaps two of the best are skiing and ice fishing.


If you want to go skiing, pack up the RV and head out to some of the best places for skiing in Wisconsin.

Alpine Valley Resort

Alpine Valley is located in White Lake and it features 90 skiable acres. This ski area features 14 lifts; and its longest run is 3,000 feet. The vertical is 388 feet. Night skiing is available seven days. The terrain mix is 40-40-20. Rentals and lessons are also available.

Bruce Mound

Bruce Mound is located in Black River Falls and it features 40 skiable acres, a 375-foot vertical, three lifts and a 29-29-42 terrain mix. The longest run is 3,000 feet. Night skiing is available on Fridays. Rentals and lessons are available.

Cascade Mountain

This ski area is located in Portage. The summit is 1,280 feet and the base is 820 feet. Cascade Mountain features 10 lifts, a terrain mix of 37-19-44 and its longest run is 1,800 feet. Night skiing is available seven days.

Christie Mountain

Christie Mountain is located in Bruce and features 20 skiable acres with a 350-foot vertical. The summit is 1,650 feet and the base elevation is 1,300 feet. Christie Mountain features five lifts and a 40-25-35 terrain mix. The longest run is 4,000 feet and night skiing is available from Wednesday through Saturday. Rentals and lessons are also available.

Ice Fishing

If you don’t have a fish house or ice house yet, it’s time to stop by our showroom to check a couple floor plans out so you can fish comfortably. Once you do that, you have to find a great spot to fish and, if you’ve never ice fished before, learn that skill.

Places to Ice Fish

The Madison Chain, located in Dane County, features 9,800 acres of ice to fish on. You’ll get perch, bluegill, northern pike and more. Lake Koshkonong, located in Jefferson County, features 10,400 acres of fishing for walleye. Lakes Delavan and Geneva are great for walleye, bluegill and crappie. Pioneer Lake, located north of Eagle River, is good for panfish and pike. Thunder Lake, just south of Eagle River is great for crappie and northern pike.

Ice Fishing Tips

Rig a flasher with a downward-pointing transducer to find the fish in the winter. LCD displays are not reliable during cold weather. Drill several holes in an area the size of a football field and check them with the fish finder. If you don’t see any fish, move to another part of the lake and repeat. Once you find the fish, drill several holes in an area about the size of a tennis court for jigging. Jig until you find fish that are biting.

Look for sticky bottoms – these are parts of the lake that aren’t too hard or too soft, thus allowing insects to burrow. They attract hungry fish and are found in lake areas from about 15 to 30 feet deep. You may have to drill a lot of holes to find fish, but you’ll also find the biggest fish in the lake. Find sticky bottoms by clipping a weight to the jig and letting drop to the bottom. It should not bounce or dig in too deep. It should just cling to the bottom temporarily. You can also use a sonar unit or underwater cameras to find sticky bottoms.

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RV Parks in Wisconsin

Family camping outdoors around a fancy pop-up trailer.

Traveling through Wisconsin? Need a good place to plant your rig? Wisconsin has no shortage of good RV parks, and we’ve got a few of the best ones collected here.

Westward Ho RV Resort and Campground

Located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, Westward Ho RV Resort is located on 103-acres of scenic grounds, and has spacious RV sites. Resort amenities include a petting zoo, heated pools, mini golf course, volleyball and basketball courts, RC car track, crafts, and much more.

Hidden Valley RV Resort and Campground

Located in Milton, Wisconsin, Hidden Valley RV Resort is a clean, modern park with well maintained grounds and great wifi coverage. If you visit this month, you can enjoy their haunted barn!

Jellystone Park Warrens

This top-tier campground has a water park and other unique resort facilities. Located in Warrens, Wisconsin, Jellystone Park Warrens has daily activities, mini golf, paddleboats, and campfires every day.

Sherwood Forest Camping and RV Park

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway within walking distance to downtown Dells, Wisconsin, then head to Sherwood Forest Camping and RV Park. With easy access to the interstate, huge heated pool and splashpad, themed weekends, and planned activities and events, you’ll never be bored. Big rig friendly sites are available!

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Visit Effigy Mounds National Monument


Effigy Mounds National Monument, located in Iowa on the border between Allamakee and Clayton Counties, is an astounding National Park that draws tens of thousands of visitors annually. The visitor’s center can be found in Harpers Ferry, Iowa, just north of Marquette.

The park is named after the hundreds of effigy mounds scattered across the park and aims to preserve those effigy mounds and to educate visitors on them.

The effigy mounds are prehistoric earthen mounds built by Native American people, most of which are shaped like animals, such as birds and bears. Most were built in the first millennium by the Woodland Culture.

The effigies cannot be viewed well from the surface, but seen from above they take many different discernible shapes.

The local flora and fauna present on the park’s land are linked to the effigy mounds and help visitors to understand the inspiration that went into the creation of the mounds centuries ago.

The mounds are culturally linked to approximately 20 modern Native American tribes and are considered to be sacred sites and cultural touchstones by members of those tribes.

Between the wildlife, the educational opportunities on Native American culture, and the spectacle of the effigy mounds themselves, there’s something for your entire family at Effigy Mounds National Monument.

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Granddad Bluff


If you are near LaCrosse, Wisconsin, visit Granddad Bluff. This chunk of land is about 590 feet above the surrounding land and 1,183 feet above sea level. You can access the bluff via Bliss Road. Once you get to the top, you can relax in a park shelter, which is in a fenced off area so you don’t take a 500-plus foot tumble to the bottom. The park area features a panoramic picture of LaCrosse showing landmarks around the area.

The land was first bought by Judge George Gale in 1851; and it changed hands 83 ties between 1851 and 1912. Limestone was quarried from the bluff for many years; and then it was going to be sold to a company that did large-scale quarrying. The citizens of LaCrosse were against that, so in 1909, Joseph and Irene Hixon bought the land. The property was held in a trust until 1912 when the Hixons donated it to the city of LaCrosse as a park. G. C. Hixon and a group of the city’s residents raised $15,000 to build roads and to buy more land around the bluff. Hixon Forest lies below the bluff and is now a popular place for hiking.

The Works Progress Administration created a shelter on the bluff in 1938. The administration used stone that was quarried from the south side of the bluff. The LaCrosse Chapter of Reserve Officers Association erected a 65-foot flagpole on the bluff in 1941. And, in 1952, a split rail fence, parking and two new picnic areas were added.

In 1954, the shelter got electricity and around 1964, public restrooms were added. The bluff got a new pump house in 1976. Additional landscaping projects were done in the ’80s and the LaCrosse Jaycees erected a new 75-foot flagpole in 1994. On New Year’s Eve, the LaCrosse Skyrockers have a fireworks show from the top of the bluff.

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A Campfire Story


It’s tell a story day on April 27, 2016 and if you are going to be camping that day, it’s the perfect day to tell a campfire story. Even if that is an activity that you usually do, make the day special by learning a new campfire story or by embellishing a favorite with acting.

When you tell a campfire story, you can tell some of the old tried and true horror stories, funny stories, spooky stories or anything else that might be out there. You can even make up your own stories.

Add a twist to the story telling by playing a game you often see in online forums or on long road trips. Have everyone say a sentence to build a story just to see where it goes and how long you can keep it going.


Some of the classics include Hook, The Headless Horseman, Sasquatch and Bloody Mary legends. Don’t worry if they get too scary – you can just go inside the safe RV you just picked up from Link’s RV Sales. Just be sure you put the campfire out before you go in!

Documenting New Campfire Stories

If you tell your own stories and want to document them for later, it’s probably too dark to see to write and using a tablet or computer is too unwieldy. Simply record the story on your phone. You can write it all down when you get back home. That way, you’ll have a new story to memorize and to add to your list of great campfire stories for next time.

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