RV Accessories for the Holidays

Close Up Of Hand Scraping Icer From Car Windshield With Scraper

If you are still wondering what to get someone on your list and that person has an RV, stop by our warehouse to pick up some RV accessories. You’ll be able to fill your entire list with accessories that make RVing more fun and more comfortable.

Solar Systems

For those who dry camp a lot, solar systems come in handy so you won’t have to use the generator so much Choose from systems as low as 85 watts and as high as 160 watts. These are great if you don’t want to hear the drone of the generator while you are trying to watch your favorite television show at night or if you don’t want to drain the house battery at night with lights.

Lawn Chairs and Mats

Pick up sturdy lawn chairs including a sturdy director’s chair style or outdoor mats to spread out under the awning. The mats allow you to step outside barefoot and they keep you from walking through mud if you are camping on dirt and it rains. The mats also keep the area under the awning softer if you are parked on a cement pad.

Kitchen and Cooking Accessories

Pick up a small ice maker. If you are tired of getting ice for cold drinks from the cooler, you can have your own portable ice maker. Or, pick up burger, brat and pie irons to make campfire cooking easier. You can even grab a popcorn popper that you can use over a campfire. Make cooking outside even easier than ever with these accessories.

Visit Link RV Center

Stop by Link RV Center to pick up accessories for the RV lover on your list. That person you found difficult to buy for just became the easiest person on your list to buy for. If you don’t have an RV yet, but think that RVing sounds like fun, stop by our showroom to walk through the many new floor plans we have available.