Holiday Decorating for Your RV

Christmas background with decorations on wooden board

If you are spending Christmas in your RV, you may want to decorate it, even if you are staying in the boonies with no one around. Decorating the RV inside and out always makes it look more homey during the holidays and it definitely gets you into the holiday spirit.

Before you head out for the Christmas trip, be sure your RV is in good working order, especially if you will be camping in a cold climate and not heading south. Stop by Indiana RV Connection to have all of your RV’s systems checked, including the heat, plumbing, electrical and the engine and transmission on motorized RVs.


Hang lights from the awning. If you camping near a fir or pine tree, add lights to the tree. And, if you are not putting a tree inside, hang lights over the door or in other areas where they won’t be distracting to the television.

Christmas Tree

There’s no doubt that you won’t be able to fit a 6-foot tree in the RV – they just take up too much space. However, you can still have a Christmas tree. Buy a potted spruce to set in a corner or on a side tables. You’ll be able to decorate it just like a full-sized tree. If you can find one that is about 2-3 feet high, you should be able to find space for it; and then, after the holidays, you’ll be able to plant it in your yard.


Bring the Christmas cards you get before you leave with you. Hang them on the fireplace mantle or tape them on the molding around one of the doors. They’ll add more Christmas spirit to the RV.

Garland and Boughs

Line the top of the fireplace mantle or a side table with fresh fir boughs. Decorate them with small ornaments. Line the top of the fireplace with garland and hang the stockings from the mantle. You’ll have that fresh pine smell inside, plus the RV’s living area will look festive.

Visit Link RV Center

Stop by Link RV Center to have your RV checked before you head out for the holidays; and if you think spending Christmas in an RV sounds like fun, stop by Link RV Center to walk through several of the models we have available.