Visit Effigy Mounds National Monument


Effigy Mounds National Monument, located in Iowa on the border between Allamakee and Clayton Counties, is an astounding National Park that draws tens of thousands of visitors annually. The visitor’s center can be found in Harpers Ferry, Iowa, just north of Marquette.

The park is named after the hundreds of effigy mounds scattered across the park and aims to preserve those effigy mounds and to educate visitors on them.

The effigy mounds are prehistoric earthen mounds built by Native American people, most of which are shaped like animals, such as birds and bears. Most were built in the first millennium by the Woodland Culture.

The effigies cannot be viewed well from the surface, but seen from above they take many different discernible shapes.

The local flora and fauna present on the park’s land are linked to the effigy mounds and help visitors to understand the inspiration that went into the creation of the mounds centuries ago.

The mounds are culturally linked to approximately 20 modern Native American tribes and are considered to be sacred sites and cultural touchstones by members of those tribes.

Between the wildlife, the educational opportunities on Native American culture, and the spectacle of the effigy mounds themselves, there’s something for your entire family at Effigy Mounds National Monument.

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Hot and Spicy Boneless Grilled Chicken Breasts


Camping with Link’s is once again is pleased to offer you another great tasting RV recipe for the road. We know that recipes are at the top of the list for those who enjoy the RV lifestyle. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and to suggest your own recipes.

Today’s recipe is for Hot and Spicy Boneless Grilled Chicken Breasts.

You will need:

  • 4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup Italian dressing
  • 2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of crushed cayenne pepper
  • Salt and pepper to season to taste

In a large zip-lock type bag, add the Italian dressing and other dry seasonings and mix together into a marinade. Add the 4 breasts of chicken to the bag. Make sure all the chicken gets coated in the marinade. Let marinade absorb into the chicken in the refrigerator or cooler for an hour or so.

Fire up the grill, and when hot, place the marinated chicken breasts on the grill. Immediately put some of the left over marinade on the chicken breasts. Cook about 5 minutes. Turn the breasts over for about another 5 minutes and serve with your favorite side dishes.

You can add some sweet to the heat by serving this chicken with a drizzle of honey, or increase the heat with some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, or your favorite hot sauce. This chicken is tender and juicy and has just enough heat to get your attention. This recipe will serve at least 4 people if you can each eat a chicken breast, more if you can’t! You can also cut up the chicken and serve already sliced if you prefer.

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Portable Gardening Tips for Your RV Lifestyle


There’s no better way to ensure your produce is fresh than to grow it yourself. But the thought of growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your RV may seem impossible, huh?

It shouldn’t be, though. These simply tips for gardening on the go will help you continue your hobby and healthy lifestyle when you’re on the road.

Grow Tomatoes on the Road

You don’t have to give up your annual tomato crop just because you’re living an RV lifestyle. Special gardening tools, like the Topsy Turvy Planter, help you grow your favorite crops in tight spaces. The Topsy Turvy Planter allows your plants to grow upside down while they hang in any compact space. Simply move your Topsy Turvy Planter outside when you arrive at the campsite, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a mobile garden.

Get Creative with Potters

You don’t have to spend a fortune on nifty gardening gadgets to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables on the go. Many RV enthusiasts already use shoe organizers as a way to keep products in order in their RVs. Those same shoe organizers work perfectly as hanging pots. Each small pocket serves as a pot for your favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables. Hang the organizer inside your RV when you hit the road, then move it back outside when you arrive at your destination.

Consider an Earth Box

The Earth Box is a new product to hit the market for gardeners who live in small spaces. It’s a little less mobile than hanging planters, but at just 2.5-feet long and 15-inches wide, it doesn’t take up much space in your RV when you’re traveling. The Earth Box is a simply growing system with the layering of a fertilizer band, potting mix, aeration screen and self-watering system to optimize your plant growth in small spaces. Move it outside of your RV when you park, and you’ll enjoy fresh produce on the go.

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September Events in Wisconsin


After you pick up a new RV from Jack Link’s Auto and RV Supercenter, you’ll be ready to head out to some of the local events in Chippewa Falls. Check out everything that Wisconsin has to offer in September.

Wheels on Water Street Car & Cycle Cruise

September 9 in New London

If you have a classic vehicle, or one you are particularly proud of, this rain or shine event is open to all makes and models. Come and show off your hot rod or classic refurbished vehicle. Vehicles will line up starting at 4pm in a staging area, with viewing of vehicles from 5-9 pm. A cruise starts at 9pm; vehicles will cruise the loop on N. Water St. and Wolf River Ave., and then disperse.

If you are a spectator, you can enjoy seeing some great old classics, participate in raffles, guess at trivia to win prizes and enjoy musical entertainment by a DJ at each end of North Water St. Food and beverage available for purchase.

Falcon Frontier Days Rodeo

September 9-10 in River Falls

Experience the biggest and best college rodeo in the upper Midwest! The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) invites you to an amazing Wild West adventure at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Approximately 350 cowboys and cowgirls compete in stock events including bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, and more!

Volksfest German Ethnic Festival

September 9-10 in Waupun

Come celebrate German culture and heritage at this free event. With live music, food and drink, Volkswalk sculpture tour, and more, this is entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

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